Scale or offset


I want to print a gear for a filament extruder for another printer I have (the "big" gear of a Wade extruder, 67mm diameter) . Because the M200 is I think the best printer I have, I would want to use it to print it.

Before, I was using PLA on my Ultimaker to do that, so there was quite a small shrinkage and gear was usable. On the M200, it is not an option so I'd like to print it in Z-ABS but I have to deal with shrink.

What is the best way to do so ? Using scale on x & y axis or the 2 offsets in the Advanced options ?



I would print a 67mm ring and measure it.. Then use offset to compensate if needed.. On mine I generally offset holes by .13 Don't mess much with outside.


Thanks you. I’ve found the same setting for hole (0.13) to be good for me too. And using the same value for outer perimeter gave me quite a good result too.

That’s a sound a bit weird for me, I would not be able to achieve such a good result with scaling: Outer perimeter would be good using a scale of 1.005, but my center hole would remain too small.

So I’ll go on with offset.

Thanks !