Scrape and Uneven top surface


Been trying to print out a model i made.

I have try diffrent settings and the defult settings to, but there is something wrong.

It looks like it scrapes on the surface and on the top its makes uneven surface?

Dont know what to do, i try 5 times but the same result?

I have calibrate the platform to 2 times.

I have added some picture, and the model as well, hope someone know what the problem is.


I don't know how large the piece is but I think you will have a much better result if you print it on his side.

And if not possible try to cut the part in a few pieces and try to glue it afterwards. (Sorry guys this meant to be a reply for another thread - So in your case Trigger you don't have to do this) 

BTW, top and bottom layers are mostly not so nice looking as you would expect. (And certainly not on a M200) But increasing the setting of the amount of surface layers on top and bottom mostly give a better result.

Try it with a small piece to start with.

Thanks Samba!!

I will try to print it on the side, let you know how it worked out.


It looks nice and normal to me but if you want something better you can try to sand it with a sandpaper 600-800 degrees and then apply heat with a gun heater to remove the scrapes.

So the top surface cant be better whit the m200?

I dont think there is a printer that can do better surface finish than the zortrax and this surface looks nice to me, at least from the photos. To avoid uneven surfaces in a big flat part with holes you must print that part upwards as samba mentioned above.One other thing you can try is to print it as usual but with fan speed at 20% or totally off.

Hi There,
My first post so hello to everyone. I'm totally blown away by how brilliant the M200 is but I have one slight problem which Trigger also seems to be having.
I have the same problem with the ridges on flat surfaces. I am using Z-Hips. It looks to me as if its more prone to happening at tangents to holes.
I have an Ultimaker 2 also and its surfaces are almost completely uniform. There are occasional marks with the Ultimaker but they are just cosmetic, the ridges with the m200 stand proud of the surface and you can feel them with your nail.
The ridges are not insignificant and it would be nice to get to the bottom of the problem.
[url=]26430586066_78bccaa3de_z.jpg[/url][url=]IMG_3666[/url] by [url=]jamesscotland73[/url], on Flickr
[url=]26430750616_60d3819d1d_z.jpg[/url][url=]IMG_3669[/url] by [url=]jamesscotland73[/url], on Flickr
[url=]26364348072_1c6444d15e_z.jpg[/url][url=]IMG_3668[/url] by [url=]jamesscotland73[/url], on Flickr

I also see this problem. I just recently printed a bracket with some holes. I no longer have the print, but still have the STL and zcode that I used. The top surface has lines and unevenness.

I also see scraping of the plastic, when moving the head diagonally across the just printed layer. (all materials, any layer height, fan = auto, brand new V4 M200)

and I also see uneven top surface. (see picture)

You can see that ALL the uneven 'lines' start at the edge of a hole.

worst with ABS, best with ULTRAT :

in picture, all parts are ABS (FULL or SOLID fill), except :

'3' HIPS 0.14 FULL

'4' ULTRAT 0.09 FULL


The bottom 4 lids are from

which version of firmware are you using?

which version of firmware are you using?

I am using 1.0.2 (the printer is brand new and came with that version)

This has been an issue for a looooong time. I think Drew once posted an explanation of why it happens, but it didn't seem to help get the problem corrected.

See picture (ABS)

When I add an additional layer between all the holes, the results are better :


Thanks for all the inputs, i got a better print when i did stand the model on its side.

But i still got the scrape, i will try to add a layer.

For me, most of the time, the scraping (i.e. moving the head diagonally over a fresh layer without dispensing plastic) is on a lower layer only.

Two examples of scraping visible on a top layer  (ABS) :


some more tests.

ABS with and without a top 0.3mm layer :


ABS with and without a 0.3mm layer at the bottom of the box (with about 1mm spacing all around the edges)


i still got this problem, can you explane what you meen be the 0.3mm layer?

did you add it in the Z-suite?


No, I added an extra block on top of my model.

The most important thing for me was that there can't be any holes in this block and I used 90/45 degree angles in the shape of the block.

I also left some room between the edge of this block and the edge of the model and the edge of the holes.

It would depend on your model, if this approach is possible at all.

Or perhaps you would need multiple of these blocks between all the holes in your model, to cover up the uneven lines..

Here's another test  with a rectangular hole in the block (ABS) :


It is an issue that we are working on atm, but I cant guarantee thats going to be fixed in upcoming update (May). 

It is an issue that we are working on atm, but I cant guarantee thats going to be fixed in upcoming update (May).

Can you give the bug a name, so that when you fix it we know what you are referring to as the fix?