Separation occurs on the right side


For last few prints I saw that the raft separates from the bed even after a short time interval. I tried all I can (fan speed, normal&high print speed settings and even the layer height) but the result is same... I even tried glue stick (a lot) and tried to clean the bed as much as I can and even the acetone thing. Result is same. Some of those situations are tolerable but some are extremely catastrophic. 

Also I want to mention that this is even happening for 40-50 minutes of print time. I can not understand the issue. Most probably I am going to model the thermal characteristics of the system for cooling... it really bothers. What may be the reason and also what can be the solution?

A photo of one of the latest prints is in the attachment.

(Currently the filament is ZABS)

The answer is always the same:

Make sure that the platform is calibrated.

I am having the same problem.

I am still newbe and I am trying different options. Tha printer was used for the first time 2 days ago and the failure occurred even with the first print, so I don't think it is an issue of platform dirt.

I calibrated it 2 times within 20 hours of working.

Seems that somehow it is not coated with Z-Glue before shipping.

You can apply by yourself any paper glue stick or acetone with ABS as here:

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Thanks  Martin,

How often should this operation be done? before each print?

Mine came with Z-Glue 4 months ago and i havent needed to do it



I have a similiar problem like a colleague in the first post. I have printed few models on my printer so far, but the last two models failed becasue of problem with unsticking.


The first model was my mistake becasue the perforated plate was out of glue. But after cleaning, calibrating and a new portion of glue the problem happened again. It usually appears about 20-30 minutes after start and also in the same place (front left corner of the model)


What can be a cause of it? Maybe remains of the filament in the perforated plate? What do you think?