I will be printing an extra large sign that is over 2’x2’ and was curious if anyone printed a large sign or flat object with their M200 that had to be welded together with Zabs.

Curious whether I should go vertical or flat with the orientation to minimize the warping as I will be using Zabs.


I haven't, but I would definitely suggest some sort of a tong and grove system to make sure that they fit correctly.

Hadn't thought of that. Was gonna use acetone and clamps to weld together. The sign is only 8mm thick

I would lay flat.. A tall thin part will probably warp on the bottom. I think that would be worse than it warping the other way. At least you know you have square edges if you lay flat.

Thanks Kyle.

I have to figure a way to split the piece to print it because it is 2' by 2' and Zsuite will split it but it needs split into 6 pieces to lay flat and Zsuite is having issues with so many splits.

I used Nettfabb but when I export it the writing on the one side gets wiped out when I export it. UGH!

And my damn Rhino is freezing tonite so I need to figure something out. lol

Well I apparently got Nettfabb to export without messing it up. lol  That was fun. haha Not as fun as fixing a model that someone sent me today that was suppose to have writing on it but wasn't attached to the model. 

i dont know the design of the particular sign, but in such cases my proposal to clients is a combination of a one piece acrylic back with all the extruded details (letters, lines etc) being 3d printed... much better result than joining flat warped plates and trouble free...

as a sign maker myself I do agree with voudas, I have made quite a few signs like that only I laser-cut my parts instead of print them, if I was going to print my lettering I would print a dowel hole in the letters so you can fasten it to the acrylic sheet.

Good luck love to see it when its done

I mention to the customer about printing the letters and braille and putting them on an acrylic sheet but he would rather have the one piece glued together. --Who am I to argue. lol 

And he want it in Zabs which there is bound to be warping and make the glue job a lot harder for me.  :angry:

I gave him my quote and he didn't seem to mind the price tag. 

I was just doing a test sign now to be able to give him the ball park figure for the quote. 

Nettfabb worked good for me. Was able to slice it uo into 12 even pieces that will lay flat. Going to order a new thick Perf board to help make sure it is flat and doesn't have a slight bow to them


good luck you’re going to need it

good luck you're going to need it


Yeah where theres a will theres a way.  

Right now I am working on a quote for a Cosplay suit right now and I told the customer he may want to buy a Zortrax printer and do it himself since of the price so far is around 3k for 5 pieces and some more to estimate yet. 

This suit will take 30 full days to print. Ugh! 

If he decides to have me print it. I will be pretty busy. I was just telling someone the other day business was dead. lol