slamming extruder

Hello, since I removed a piece of filament that blocked the extruder it slams.
Can someone inform me about this problem and how to solve it?

Hello. Does the extruder slam even before you insert the material into the extruder? This could indicate the extruder cable is at fault. Make sure all the cables (especially the extruder cable) are firmly plugged into the PCB and that the cable is connected to the motherboard. When the sprocket wheel starts to rotate - you can grab the extruder cable and move it back and forth, reaching the maximal spread (at some point the sprocket wheel might start working correctly).

Apart from checking all connections, make sure you have not lost the extruder bearing while performing the extruder block maintenance.

I answer you late, because I have taken my impressions only today. Actually the connection was involved. Since the problem is solved.
Thank you for your help. Cordially.


Thank you for the update. I am glad to hear the problem has been resolved.