Small tool kit

My printer was down for a week but is up now, so here is my small tool kit I designed while it was down. This is the version 2 kit which holds the same tools as the previous one but is much smaller and holds the tools tighter. The spatula is held in by two Neodymium magnets which are press fit in almost perfectly. I put a strap on the back of the kit so I can secure it to table legs or other stationary positions for extended use (ie: at a convention). This is not going to be the final version but it is a good start.

Print settings and material:

Z-ABS setting, 190µ, Solid infill, 20° support lite, Fan auto, Speed normal. Estimated print time 12:36, Actual print time 13:40 ±15 minutes

Material: PolyMax PLA

Support removal difficulty: Moderate (about 10 minutes to clear all supports)

Finish surface quality: Great (no stringiness or roughness)






Does adjustable wrench come with Zortrax now?

Does adjustable wrench come with Zortrax now?

No this is from my tool chest I use on a daily basis, I carry almost any tool I need to fix printers on the go, torches and knives included.



Nice job on the design, as always.  I've done a few similar racks but they usually don't look as nice.