Smoking new v2 Hotend

Hey there,

I just installed my v2 and the thing smoked so much that I'm pretty sure it was going to burst into flames.  It looks like the bed connector wire is melting and possibly the thermistor wire.  

Any idea why?  Also, why didn't this come with a new heater and thermistor?!  For $80 plus crazy shipping costs it should.


Do you have pics? That way we can see what is possibly happening.

Off the top of my head I am thinking the two heater wires were touching.

Though today I was changing my hotend and I usually shut the machine off but I didnt today and out of no where the one wire got cherry red. Figured it was a quick glitch.

The bed connector wire is melting? The one at the platform??

How strongly did you tighten the grub screws in the heater block? Perhaps too tight, damaging the heater cartridge?

I didn't over tighten them...I think the heater cartridge is fine.  It looks like the black wire that screws onto the feeder (I'm assuming this is the wire that lets the system know the hotend is touching the bed) wasn't touching the hot end, but was close enough to melt.  There isn't a lot of clearance there.

My v2 hotend came slightly oiled. I noticed it right away…so I cleaned it before using it. It still smoked a little out of the bores/ crevices. I can imagine that it would have smoked a lot if I wouldn’t have cleaned it.

So my recommendation is to clean/ degrease the new hotend before you use it the first time.

It always smoke at first time just few minutes, nothing serious if after few minutes it do not smoke anymore.

Choose Maintenance -> Preheat Hot End and wait around 10 minutes if after this still you can see or smell signs that something is wrong then submit a support request.

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Yeah, I think that was part of it...but the heated bed connector definitely melted a bit (still works).