Some different questions..

Hello to all community, I just wanted to share some points and open a new discussion about them.

  • I sincerelly find Zortrax filaments quite good quality but, price is really high. I know it's not a low cost printer but, does anyone know about Zortrax princing plans in short-medium future? any rising down price?
  • When will arrive new filaments as wood look, and other "special" filaments? any price target?
  • About perforated plate v2, just tested and it really helps a lot to printing stability. A very good upgrade for Zortrax.
  • Another question, which fairs does Zortrax company attend this 2015 year?

Have a nice days with your printers guys! :)


1. not that expensive, at least z-abs compared to other matte abs

2. on 'soonday' :)

3. other people had some problems with it, but yes.

4. good question, I'd like to know that myself

I don’t know where you’re based, but in the US the filament is actually well priced for a high quality filament.

I am unaware of any events here in the US that Zortrax has or will attend as a standalone company. Of course they have shacked up in booths with Octave and I am sure others as well for promotion's. Outside that in Poland Zortrax is probably attending events when ever possible.

The new filaments are coming soon, as everyone here will attest, it is a playful joke that was started by the forum users. When I look at testing times and production times of the Octave suppliers and compare it to where Zortrax is/what they have been saying, I would assume another 3 months or more for a new filament. This is only my speculation and is not to be treated as fact.

As LabRat stated the pricing in the Us is fair when compared to the rest of the market. If I do a direct comparison to lets say Polymaker's PolyMax (a stronger version of PLA) to Zortrax's Z-HIPS, the prices are the same at 50$ USD. This is just a price comparison from one "Specialty" filament to another. Both are a high quality filament and known to be stronger than their respective types of plastic.