spool holders

Some weeks ago I bought some cheap bearings for later use in printed spool holders.

Before that, I worked on a design that was build with Zortrax provided objects (the colored one on the pic), I liked that joke so much (maybe the ferries wheel could be recognized) but finally I wanted something that can also hold my 2KG spools.

I already found a design at Thingiverse before I had the M200 that I like for it's parametric OpenScad approach, it can be found here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:56252

This one is intended to have nuts in the pulleys, I wanted my bearings there instead. This can be changed easily, there is just one line to change and instead the nut there will be space cut off for the bearings:

line 146 is                  cylinder(h = Nut_width + hole_extension, r = Nut_Size / 2, center = true, $fn = 6);

changed it to             cylinder(h = Nut_width + hole_extension, r = Nut_Size / 2, center = true, $fn = 128);
Just converting the 6 edged nut into a plain cylinder.

Remaining adjustments are for the height of the stands and the form of the pulleys.

This are the parameters for standard spools (including Z-Filaments):


Render = 0; // [0:centering_pulley, 1: leg, 2:setup]

Min_Spool_Hole_Diameter = 45;
Max_Spool_Hole_Diameter = 65;
Spool_Diameter = 220;
Under_Spool_Clearance = 20;
Axle_Diameter = 13;
Axle_Clearance = 1;
Nut_Size = 28.2;
Nut_width = 9;
Flange_Width = 10;
Bearing_Outer_Diameter = 12;
Bearing_Width = 12;

Settings allow for bearings with 28mm diameter and 9mm height (Nut settings) and spool diameters up to nearly 44cm.

This are the (differing only) parameters for the Taulman spools with small holes:

Min_Spool_Hole_Diameter = 16;

Max_Spool_Hole_Diameter = 30;
And finally the settings for the big spools (I use them with an additional adapter):
Min_Spool_Hole_Diameter = 18;
Max_Spool_Hole_Diameter = 65;
The parameters given work for M12 thread sticks and nuts, could be changed also when using other bearings.
It's quite stable and using nuts is just for fixing some locations, could be used without them also.
Printed the stands upright in .19, no support, medium infill and auto fan, same with the pulleys but used random seem for them also.