Star Trek NCC-1701 Enterprise

I made this in 4 parts with white Z-Hips, glued together with MEK, sanded painted and used Rub Onz decals I printed. 

Couldn't find anything that would get the decals I wanted on without fine detail painting which as you can see with this and my past painted prints, I can't do. lol 

Still, I think it came out nice. Especially for my first time working with the Rub-Onz stickers. I am no hobbyist but eventually if I keep doing it I may be.  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:


But does it fly? Try before you say me "no". :ph34r:

But does it fly? Try before you say me "no". :ph34r:

nooo these warp drive engines are not supposed to be used indoors. Deuterium and Antideuterium molecules are highly unstable, you'd never want to have Dilithium leakage inhouse...

That's pretty logical explanation. :rolleyes:

Made a little Trekkie stand for the Enterprise. 


very nice!