Strange Behavior

Hi everyone,

My printer started to behave in a strange way.


I have a Bixler 3 FPV Canopy that I have printed many times before without a problem.

There is a shift when printing at some point then goes back to normal… See the attached photo, the arrow is shifted but then printed the rest as it should be.



After this print I have printed the this toy without a glitch.



It happens when the printer is close to the edge of the pref board.. My calibration is

perfect , just 0.1 offset at the center the rest is 0.0. I have cleaned the pref board as instructed as well.


Koray Birand 

most probably it's a fault of the ribbon cable. when it stretches over some of the inner cables fail. contact support and my guess is that you'll be sent a replacement cable.

You have a loose screw. From that layer up the part is shifted exposing the infill.

The problem is caused because of an extreme wrapping, probable forced the extruder to shift. Solved the problem with ABS Juice.