The arm or the extruder piece that actually injects the plastic is stuck towards the top in left hand corner. Also the build plate that holds the material is lifted up all the way to the top as well with the extruder. The build plate does not move even after I powered the printer on and off. This basically took place after it locked up trying to print a file. I didn’t see anything under the FAQs or Manual for troubleshooting. I also tried the calibrate function and that literally does nothing.

SW Ver 0.0.2

HW ver 01

Any help appreciated.

I think I fixed it, will let everyone know if it works and how it came out. Cheers!

Everything is up and running. I downloaded the firmware again, disconnected cables, and reversed all plastic from the feed. Seemed to do the trick.

Good that everything now is ok, if any issue again happen please take a picture of your problem and upload it at or then our engineers can understand problem very quickly just by looking at picture.

Best Regards