Suggested Grease

Hi Guys

What grease type you suggest using to keep the zortrax rods Lubricated? I'm running out of the one that came with the printer.


Teflon grease.

Any teflon grease is the best, I also use silicone grease o my CNC mill.

Thanks for the response guys

Any special brands? i have never bought teflon grease, are there any factors I need to take into acount?

What brand are you people using?

Are you also usin the teflon grease for xy axes? Im using sawing oil.

I'd love to know product names as well. I've been using "Super Lube" Synthetic Grease with Syncolon@ (PTFE) Multi-Purpose Lubricant but I'm finding that it doesn't hold up well in the heat and I have to repeatedly apply it (every couple days) or the m200's squeak and get too warm.