Suggestion - printing time and cost (filament cost)


In new version of ZSuite I would like to see the option of printing time and printing cost (filament cost).


Printing time : there is.

Printing cost : impossible to estimate. It depends on the price you paid. And the price is different, depending on the origin of the filament, the supplier, the transport, the vat, the taxes, etc…

It’s just a matter of manually entering the cost + quantity of the filament.

Plus as Zortrax also distributes filament it could have the option to list some prices by default.

There are already some online tools that try and do this by picking the .STL file combine with the values mentioned above and the slicer used.

As zortrax controls the slicer this could be done with greater accuracy.

I was actually looking for this same feature and it would be great to have it built-in to the software directly.