since it seems(despite what was promised) a duel extruder that would allow for soluble support is never going to be released..i often find myself needing to print intricate objects that require support in areas that cant be reached...i was wondering if you guys had any interesting suggestions for dealing with support.

perhaps a material that requires less support that others? or ideally would be a material that requires no support, like something that cools faster and harder and does not require support.

perhaps slowing the print speed somehow? could this be a future option? i imagine if you could slow the print speed enough then it can cool enough to avoid support in some cases?

i guess i could also try and design my models with my own support placement, i have no tried "support lite" what is this exactly? is it basically what it says?? lighter suport?

i also do not believe this company will ever offer an option to vary temperature either...if they release a new machine with duel heads and variable temperature i will not buy it, in fact unless zortrax at the very least offers a suggestion for adjusting the temperature i will not even buy filament from them, 

im hoping that sooner or later someone much smarter than myself figures out a hack to allow for me to adjust the temperature.

Buying third parties filament can lead you to have even more problems with support becoming impossible to remove due to temperature difference of materials.

Anyway your choice.