Supports are Failing Every Time

My printer seems to have developed an unusual problem. No matter what model I give it, the supports fail to print properly (as shown in the pics below).

This is with the same zcode that it had previously printed successfully, as well as with all new models I try in any orientation and with any support angle.

The strange thing is that the part itself prints fine (until it reaches a part where it needs support obviously). And the same zcode prints fine on the second printer. So it only has a problem printing supports.

Any idea what might be going on here?

It could be a couple of things, the thing you have to remember is you will have to adjust the fan,infill and layer height depending on the print. The lower the layer height the better the adhesion as you will be melting each layer a little bit more since the nozzle is closer.

What’s your current settings for the prints that are failing?

IMHO the second and third pic indicates a hardware issue. I don’t think you can produce these empty areas with a wrong setting. It’s almost like the feeding stops at a repeatable point. You should look into the ribbon cable… There were other people having similar issues. The feeder stepper would not work properly at certain coordinates due to a intermittent connection in the cable/PCB.

I have to agree with Andre.. It stops extruding at the same place on every layer..