Swapping Z-ABS Reels in Mid Print-Is it possible?

I have several reels that are near the end and was wondering if anyone has experience swapping mid-print? Is it possible without ruining the print? Or  is the technique to splice identical filament rolls, then start the print?

I've done that several times by using the hardware pause function on the printer - no problems so far, though I try to pause when the printer is in the middle of printing support so that the outside appearance of the part is not affected.

Pause with button->change filament->resume works fine, I've done it many times. Even if you pause on a perimeter the worst that happens is you get a little blob that comes right off. Much nicer now with f/w 1.0 because it beeps when it has recognized the button hold and you can let go, even if it doesn't actually pause until a few seconds later.

Yup follow them above^ super easy

I’ve swapped colors by just snipping the plastic at the print head and insert a new color while the print is running, if the print head is not running fast it is pretty easy.

As long as you remember to keep the ends flat to each other when you cut them and keep an even pressure until you see the new color pass the feed gear you can make the switch that way, it is fun to pass multiple colors through when it is printing a top or bottom surface.

Thanks everyone! Great forum, nice people! I think that this also solves my next question too. How does one embed a metal fastener into the print? I believe that the same technique would apply as long as the proper forethought is applied to foresee and prevent any interferences.

Thanks again.

How does one embed a metal fastener into the print?

After you slice your model in Z-Suite, the build preview window has some controls on the left, one of which is a "pause" icon. Click that and you'll get a UI allowing you to add programmed pause points where the printer will pause automatically, allowing you to embed whatever.

Thanks Julia. As I have read through the forums' postings, I have been impressed by your kindness and willingness to help others with useful and thoughtful advice. It's rare. I am finding that the Zortrax Team must have their energies focused on other things rather than well-prepared and illustrated documentation. Perhaps it's a Polish to English thing.

Thanks, Renny! Documentation is, sadly, becoming a lost art. I've seen far worse than Zortrax's - at least they make an effort, unlike a lot of "open source" companies who feel that it's not their job. Also, to Zortrax's credit, they have incorporated many feature requests from the folks on this forum into Z-Suite and the printer firmware.

Printer button "pause" does nothing. I have the lastest firmware and software. Whar's wrong?


Sometimes when I want to pause the printer I have to first spin the dial a little and then push it in, the contacts might be a little “gummy” and I find it works.

Thanks, Drew

Pause function works, I wasn't pressing the button long enough (about 2-3 seconds).