Temperatur of the Nozzle


because of an accident I have an hotend and nozzle with an broken screw thread.

I have already ordered a replacement, but I wonder if I could join these two part together with some special glue which is hot resisdents up to 315 Celsius.

So I need to know the print temperatur of the Nozzle for Z-ABS and Z-Ultra, if this would theoretical work or not.

In the technical specs I only found the max. temp, but not the temp which is really used.

Thanks and Greetings,

- Markus B.

That should be fine.  The nozzle only gets up to 260-280 Celsius depending on the filament. 

Can you send a picture of the 2 parts?

My concern is that the glue will not conduct the heat well enough. So the nozzle itself may stay too cool.

Ok some updates to this. Its seems the temperatur is not the problem, but the contact area is to small and not strong so the glue can't really standing against the pushing filament.

If you head up the HotEnd block by 200*C (heat gun) you could easily remove the filament pipe from the block, but I was not able to remove the broken thread with special tools because the material is very soft.

So be gentle to the nozzle to avoid something like this. ;)

Did you try to drill and recut the thread?

The screw extractor has already deform the alu block, so I don't try to use an thread cutter.

But yeah it would be an better option to use an thread cutter instead of an screw extractor on this soft alu block.