the pause in z suite

Has anyone else experienced the pause feature not stopping in the right place in the new Z suits .9.5?

I am setting it a 3mm and it is stopping before it gets dun with the platform , I have not run no other files

to see if it is a bad file but I have did it with this file in the earlier versions of Z suite?

thanks for your input

Clark, send email with zcode and stl file on

I have the same issue. Happens when I have many small (copied) parts. If I print just one of it, everything works fine, so no bad stl.

in .9.5 it is possible to set at a certain level? 

In the documentation, it shows a dialog entry to set the level of the pause. But this does not appear on my screen. 0.9.5 on Mac OSX 10.10.1. It will insert a pause at the point selected by the slider (indicated in %) but not at a certain height.

I have height on mine. 9.5   Windows 7 though..

I had the same issue : stopped at 8%, shoud have been 56% ...