I am trying to create a thread and screw for my next design.

What is the recommended kind of thread, minimum tolerance between the female and male and the minimum size of the outer and inner rim?

Any recommendations welcomed!

Attachment some design ideas...



I print a lot of parts with screw "male" and "female."

Not metric threads.

I drew my own thread with a rounded profile.

My method :

I drew a screw from a cylinder 10mm = screw “male” basic

I made copies (0.6 x -> x 4) to have male screw 6mm to 40mm

for each diameter, I made a copy of this screw  x 1.1 =  screw “female”

you must experiment with different diameters : x 1,11 ; x 1,12 , etc...

I use this copy as an object to be subtracted for the threads in the bore

Thank you. Can you explain what you mean by:

0.6 x 4?

What 0.6?? mm x 4 height? Or 4 times? Or?

6mm to 40mm?

And then when you say 1.1, x 1.12?? Do you mean scale factor or??

Do you use support for the thread printing in zsuite? What print settings do you use for support ?? 20 or 0? Or… Your thread design doesn’t need support?

Sorry I am kind of a newbie here

sorry for my bad English: I speak French and it is a bad translation!

I will explain it later

Method for screws "male"

1) I drew a screw based on a cylinder 10mm in diameter and 50mm in length.

The thread is rounded

2): I made other copies for other diameters : examples

- I made a copy of this screw 10mm by reducing a x0,6 factor for a screw of 6mm diameter.

- I made a copy of the 10mm screw in a x2 factor for enlarging a screw diameter of 20mm

method for screws female”: coming  soon !

Thank you! Understood now… Standing by for feemale method


  • what kind of thread are you using?

  • what resolution are you printing at? What material?

  • what’s the smallest thread you had made?

  • Can you get away without supports for the thread?

"what kind of thread are you using?" sorry, but i don't understand what you mean 

"what resolution are you printing at? What material?" : 0,19 and 0,14 + z-abs or z-ultrat on Zortrax ; 0,20 +PLA on Witbox

"what's the smallest thread you had made?" 6mm 

"Can you get away without supports for the thread?" print only without support ; print really good without support

photos : z-abs ; 0,19

method for screws "female" : example  with screws 10mm

1) I make a copy of the screw 10mm by enlarging a x1,1 factor (or 1.11) for to have a 11mm screw (or 11,1mm)

2) I put my 11mm screw through the object to receive the bore and the thread (see photo 1)

3) Boolean operation: I make a subtraction: I remove the screw 11mm of the object (photo 2)

detail of tread

Outstanding! Thank you very much!

One question… When you enlarge the screw to be used for the Boolean operation. Do you enlarge on all axis or only on the sides (not height)…

I enlarge on all  axis 

you must experiment with different scale factor : x 1,11 ; x 1,12 

see my website : you will see what i print :ph34r: :

(actually, the model (laminator) is printed in PLA , but soon, another model (laminator) with a lot of parts in ABS) :) 

Thanks you. Great prints!

You can print standard threads. 60 degree angle with no support. .09  I would leave a 10 thousandths gap between nut and bolt.. That might still be a little tight.58cFcJ.jpgSUbujl.jpg


Kyle....are you the Nut that goes with this Bolt?? 

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Cheers Mate. hehehe

Thank you all for the info‼️ awesome data!