Time Lapse

One time lapse of mine Zortrax M200


I did tons of time lapse but at the end i need use the reflex to do a good quality one.

Nice job, these kinds of time-lapse's never get old.

My my, what a very clean hot end you have there sir ;)

Thank u.

Yes i clean hotend and the nozzle at every end of printing (10 minuter ago, when temp was a little drop down) with a little piece of scotch brite.

So my hotend is ever cleaned.

Another video, this time in macro and no time lapsed:


i very much enjoyed this video 

what scotch bright do you use? is it the same stuff you use for the "washing up" or some industrial stuff? 

I use the 3m pad, these: http://musicmedic.com/3m-scotch-brite-hand-pads.html

the gray one :) (it would be the fine one).

Same here, scotch bright but dip the edge in acetone.. cleans very fast