Timeline for new filaments?

Hi Zortrax, when do you release new filaments?

What type of filament will be the next one released?

Thank you!

A timeline for anything Zortrax-related would be nice.... Wifi/Filament options/25&50 micron layer heights.... ;)

Here the timeline:


Soonday, Soonuary Soonifirst, Soonisoonteen

New filaments:

Soonday, Soonember Soonifourth, Soonisoonteen

So stay sooned! :smiley:

I'm laughing so I don't start crying :(

But the Soonday comments are funny.

Thanks for giving me a laugh Andre! :smiley:

You are welcome! :smiley:

In the end it’s just a 3D printer…we all have to be grateful that we’re in a position in society where we have the luxury to “worry” about what filaments come out next. Laugh often and especially about yourself… :wink:

I have a refinement to make…


I think Zoonday is getting a bit muddled - makes me think that someday soon I will be soon going to the Zoo. :P   

I agree…let’s stay with Soonday…:smiley:

Ok, maybe we could offer to Zortrax this calendar as a timeline:  :D


However, I am still waiting for an official reply...  :rolleyes: