[Tips & Tricks] Warping issue solution


I have not cleaned my printbed with anything other than the scraper since I've had it, and I only once have had any warping (solved with raising room temp and adding extra ABS mix).


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Its a problem that is inherent to printing ABS in an unheated volume.  ABS shrinks more than PLA as it cools and that's the root of the issue.

A flat, level print bed, goo, front and side covers, partial top cover, and the like are all good ideas and will improve performance for smaller parts but not very large ones with long, straight and tall walls.  ABS just has too high of a coefficient of thermal expansion to make it work well for large parts with straight walls (that I've seen so far anyway).  For parts with long and tall walls, very layer shrinks as it cools adding tension along the entire straight length as the part gets taller.  That stress eventually adds up enough to either pull the raft up, pull the part from the raft or pull layers apart from one another.

I'll only believe there's a no-heat solution if I see a 7"x7"x7" box print (long, straight and tall walls) without warping or delamination.  You need print chamber temps in the 70-90C range to solve the problem for tall prints with long straight walls....  That's not possible with the Zortrax without some modifications.  The mods aren't that difficult but they would take some time to implement.


For big prints - which go to the edge of the printingarea - I use clips to hold the raft. This clips I have printed before with the printer (easy design noting special) - and yes you have to print new clips if the gap between raft and edge changes... but you have a 3D printer. This works fine for me. It is another solution for this problem. 


In Italy you are more likely to find UHU stic than Elmer's glue.


I use it and it works great,

This is what i use and im in the USA. Ordered off amazon and this works great!!



I have dissassembled the printing platform for the first time after 20-30 hours of operation and I am cleaning it following these instructions. 

But i have spent nearly 2 hours clearing holes of the perforated plate (more than half of them were obstructed). 

Can anybody give me an advice about how to clean it spending not such a long time?

I did not do it but for clearing holes of an unmounted plate I would use an hot gun and let gravity work for you.


It woooooorked!! Almost 1h and a half later but totally worth it. I hope to get better at it eventually.