To Print many at once, or just a few is the question...


I have been splitting prints up. Instead of loading up the platform with, say, 30 pieces; I have been printing 5 and sometimes 10 at a time. I have printed larger objects just not many at one time like a 15 hr print. I break it up to 5 hrs at a time. 

Curious if others do the same or just load it up and print it out?

I was figuring while M200 is awesome it still isn't an industrial grade printer and the shorter the prints the longer and better the machine will last. Any thoughts?


Btw the smaller batch prints have been wonderful and still leery (even thought glue stick works wonders) that the print will warp or mess up in some kind of way since I really hadn't had any issues with my printer, excluding a nozzle clog. 


I find it more benificial for the machine to print across the whole build platform so you don’t wear out the rods in the center of the build platform common trait for industrial machines and industrial printers. I’ve print 65 hour prints back to back for my iron man helmet and it came out fine. Total printing time was 215 hours and most of that was done in a weeks time

Rod wear is a good point; I definitely hadn't thought about that. Looks like I'll start spreading my prints out. 

Yep, i'm doing it too,

one thing is that all mechanical parts are being used evenly,

second, perfored board doesn't bulge in the middle due to rests accumulation after raft scraping

I can see the point on rod wear but the rods look like they are nickel plated rods. 

If they are nickel plated, it will take a heck of a lot to wear through that plating.

My father worked as a nickel plater in a rod factory plating rods just like these for printers back in 2002. Now things in manufacturing gets cheaper with age (cheaper the better for some companies) but I am still skeptical about the rod wear; not saying that it won't, just I am having trouble wrapping my head around it. lol

Gonna have to inquire about the rod type. I sure hope they are nickel plated because nickel plated is quality.

Thanks for the heads up though  lol


Well, I went ahead and tried a different way and added more to my print job. I lost a 15 hr print because two of the objects fell.

I really think when printing many objects its best to make it manageable. After all the prints need optimal temps and too much makes everything cold, in my mind But in this case there was minimal support and when one became loose it ruined everything. That really Sucks!!  especially with I was 85% done. I should've just stuck with what works (for me).

Live and learn!

Thanks for the input but I am no longer have the original question. haha Cheers