Toyota Transmission Print

I finished this up last week and brought it with me to a model engineering show in Detroit where it attracted some interest.  It has a few issues with the linkage but required amazingly little post-print finishing work.

Looks hudge. Are grey and black parts printed from Z-HIPS or Z-ABS?

Looks fantastic!!!

The parts were all printed with Z-ABS and mostly at 0.09 mm layer height.  The bell housing looks almost cast from a few inches away.


We need some video footy of this thing in action!


We need some video footy of this thing in action!

These are from the original builder's Thingiverse pages:

The actual Thingiverse pages are here:

My engine turned out pretty well, except that the block and head both had pretty badly warped bottoms, even one I tried in HIPS.  Some of those parts take well over a day to print so it gets expensive in time and money to experiment with settings.  None of the standard things suggested here helped me, though things did get better when I changed out the perf board.

The Zortrax-printed transmission got a fair amount of interest from attendees at the NAMES Model Engineering show in Detroit last weekend.  Impressing those guys is tough because they build working model engines like this one: