True solid print option!

Please consider adding a TRUE solid print option. This is a huge deal breaker in my future with Zortrax products. I am already considering other options, even though I love what Zortrax has done with quality, and attention to deal. I think many other people would agree that implementing a true solid infill would not only exponently increase the application of end user prototypes / parts, but will surly grab the attention of people interested in purchasing a 3d printer. If I could print something that is solid, I could expand a lot more on ideas and concepts. 

Can we please see this in a future software/firmware updates,



It's not possible because the heated material isn't cool down, as a result you'll have large deformation of the print and the air bubbles rise to the top layer and the side layers.

But there was a Z-Suite version with that option that worked well, right? I remember from when I bought the machine, around last May. I am almost sure it was real solid and don't recall suffering any deformations. I would also like to have this feature back.

Even if the option is only available with Ultrat or some higher end ($) material thats more stable, I would be totally O.K. with that :)

I sent the info to the Zortrax, maybe they can try add full infill for  Z-HIPS, Z-PETG and Z-GLASS.