Ultra T on .09

Has anyone printed ultra T on .09 height? Is it OK to use, or would it turn out like .09 on ABS did?

Hi, I've made a small test print with the Marvin from 3D Hubs. Actually the result was even better than the ABS - models.

Even at .19mm the print quality is very nice!  (My Pentax hasn't arrived yet, Soon the pics will give the machine Justice)


Right, I am happy with the quality on .14 and .19, but I am wondering how .09 is. I know that .14 on ABS is great but .09 has issues, so I am not sure if theres the same issues translated to Ultrat

You should be able to print models in 0.09 layer with Z-Ultrat profile without any problems. Profile was optimized to print objects with lot of details that also needs easy support removal.