V2 hotend not heating (stays between 97-98%)

I have been using the Zortrax M200 for the past few weeks. When I first got the printer it would take the hotend about 30-45min to heatup. Now it will stay between 97-98% forever and will not heatup, I have left it for over 3 hours but it will not go above 98%. I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting the cable and turning the printer off then on multiple times with no success. 

I filled out this form: http://support.zortrax.com/application-form/

but did not receive a confirmation email or reply. 

The printer has the V2 hotend and V2 plate. Its hardware revision 4.

Other than the printer not heating up I have had no trouble.

Anyone knows why this happens (is it a hardware or software problem?) and how to fix the issue?


There is a firmware fix for this. The download link is in a huge thread on the same topic here on the forum, you will need to search a bit.

Hello there Faris

Here's a link to the hotfix for this issue: http://forum.zortrax.com/index.php?/topic/1918-new-firmware-version-006-beta-test-fix-for-hotend-v2/



Perfect, thank you.