vapor smoothing

has anyone tried to vapor smooth their prints? i read that it doesnt work with all abs, that some abs is not pure abs and the results can curious to hear from anyone or from staff on how well it works, and if zabs is pure abs? thanks i wanna try but would like to know if im wasting my time or not..

im planning on using my zortrax to create masters for mold making and i was looking at a way to smooth the objects so i can obtain a shiny surface when i cast..would love to hear experiences and suggestions/ advice.

ABS has not to be pure to be treated, for example SSys ABS has a little PC just a s ULTRAT and both are chemically tratable.

There are in fact some ABS of very low quality I have come acrros a few time while looking for a provider of this with some ABS that has on the box the legend "3d printer filament" this materials are very low quality.

As long a s you use Z-filaments you will have no problem, in fact if you use any other material you will void your warranty, even if there is no way they know if you are using them, if one of those materials clogges your extruder they will because you will not be able of geting it out, only by sending the unit to them. So better not risk there.

Also the range of materials is very unique and trouble free.

The 5 materials print trouble free and even when some fine tuning is needed, every petition is listened by support staff and action is taken. Also the fact that indeed materials are cheaper than most common comercial options.

You can use vapor but you will lose fine detail. It works well..

Hi thanks…for this job im not overly concerned about losing detail because there is little detail to be lost…a job i get a lot of is to make a specific shape…lets say a 15 mm pyramid. …then i make a silicone mold and cast several more in resin. .the method works well but the final resin pieces do not have the shiny surface finish i desire because i believe the 3d printed master does not have a good enough finish…im thinking that if i can do an acetone smoothing before making my mold, my final finished piece will be much shinier but im not certain…when i cast i use an open one sided mold and the molded faces lack the shiny surface and the only side left shiny is the face that is oprn and not touching the mold…so i k ow this resin has the potential to create a wonderful finish but i think i need a better master with flawless surfaces…do you guys think an acetone treatment is the answer? ?

…perhaps something else im not considering?? Like sanding and priming maybe??..i also have a tumbler…perhaps if i yumble the printer part i can achieve a better finish?? love to hear some suggestions

I wouldn't choose 3D printing for a 15 mm shinny piramid cast master. IMHO

3D printing is fascinating but always choose the right tools. 

You could use a chisel as a screwdriver, but better not...

Here is a vapor bath I did. Came uut nice. Have to watch it though so you dont let themin too long and dont touch the print after the bath until it is dried or it will ruin the finish. Good luck and have fun. lol



Looks great thanks and vanessa thanks for your post but can you tell me what youd suggest for creating a master of this type if not 3d printing ??