Wall drops - nozzle print in the AIR / WHY ? :)


Nozzle printing in the air. Filamanet is not gluing to the main structure.
I notice that nozzle is putting filament next to model about 0,2-0,5 mm
That problem desapear after 10-15% of print and till end everything is ok.
Does anyone have such a problem? Any ideas ? :)
I would be very grateful for the help

Material: ABS


Firmware - NEW

Z-Suite - NEW

Zortrax after Auto calibration


I can't understand the geometry of your object from the photos but you may need to add more supports to the print. 

I dont think this is supports problem. I did a lot of similar prints and always i used default support settings.

Now I have this problem on beginnings of every print and I cant understand when walls are spreading out why nozzle can not target to a previous layer.

I attach printscreen of z-suite

I think it is a support problem. You need to use a larger number for the support angle, like 30-45% or more.

I would agree it is a support issue. Please look at illustration. This is how the printer builds a model at .190 and .09 I have it set at 45° 30° and 20° The angle plays a huge part. If the bed drops down .190 on a 20° in the first set it will have nothing to print on. Even at 30° it will struggle with lack of support. You can figure it out from there.. Hope this helps.. This is kind of to scale. Circles are .4mm. Height difference and angle are 100% correct.

Thanks for posting that graphic Kyle.  The relationship between vertical resolution and support angle never occurred to me before.