Wall thickness/layers

I know you can set top/bottom layers. Is there a way to set wall layers/thickness?


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This question comes from the above video; were it seems shells give the most strength to a part with cost/time benefit vs infill percentage.

ie 50% infill with 6 shells seemed as strong as 2 shells with near 100% infill.



Wall thickness can be set only with shell mode (1-3 perimeters).

Also, if you apply outer contours offset, it has an impact on the wall thickness as well.

Check these functionalities out.


Are there any plans to include options in future releases of Z-suite for specifying the number of perimeters / shells for Type=Normal? 

This should be an option for mechanical parts that do not need dense infill but could benefit from thicker shells / perimeters. 

Is there a reason that it has not been implemented already?

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I’ve discovered a way to add extra perimeters really easily to a model in only the areas where you want them. In the example here, I’ve created a block where it has 3 countersunk holes. Normally if you print a model like this you get 2 perimeters around the hole diameter. When you put a fixing in and tighten it up, it crushes the model because of the intense compressive loading.

To avoid this, all you have to do is add a ‘phantom’ gap that forces z-suite to construct perimeter material (for vertical gaps) or solid fill material (for horizontal gaps) rather than infill material. I use the term phantom because z-suite can see it, but in reality, the gap is so small the additional layers just fuse together as if there were no gap. Use the same rules as normal i.e. wall thicknesses of 0.8mm allow space for 2 perimeters.

As you can see below, I’ve forced Z-suite to produce 6 perimeters around the holes to prevent crushing by adding cylindrical gaps around the holes in the CAD model. You can add as may perimeters as you want, just by adding more phantom gaps.

Using this technique you can add solid material or extra perimeters anywhere you want in an otherwise low-density infill model.
I’ve only just started doing this on models with 0.14mm layer heights but it works really well and I imagine that the other layer heights will also work well, but you may have to tweak the gaps and wall thicknesses to get the best results. I can now create production models where you can torque up fixings as much as you want without worrying about crushing your model. Adding extra perimeters to the outside surface can be added using the same technique.

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