Warping/Peeling in a specific spot

Hey guys, looking for some feedback.

Purchased my printer about 3 weeks ago, I have printed a lot of D&D 3D tiles for my group since I purchased it.

The past 2 prints have begun peeling from the center-front spot, it hasn't lifted enough to ruin my prints completely although the quality does suffer a bit.


File Oct 20, 2 03 34 PM.jpeg

Sorry I couldn't take better pictures, it's on the last couple hours of this 27 hour print, don't want to open the door and cause a temperature drop.

I pulled out my digital temp reader and the hot bed hovers around 160F everywhere except for the front middle section which hovers around 140F(where it's peeling).

Now it could be that I need give it a thorough cleaning and apply a fresh layer of ABS juice but it wouldn't explain the temperature different where it's peeling.

Any thoughts? Could it be defective?

looks like your bed is very high, cant even see the Cap head screws. Maybe your bed needs adjusting, could have come loose.  

I don't see the point in screwing it all the way down, I screw it in about half way then calibrate it until it's level, it was held on solid by the magnets.

Would the bed height affect hot/cold spots?