Weird idea: Corn starch support material?

I got a random thought just now. Imagine an M200 at the start of a print with all of that empty space under the build platform. Now fill all of that space with a thick liquid like corn starch, all the way up to the top of the perf board. As the platform moves down with each layer, the liquid stays in contact with the extruder at all times and, being very thick, can support the weight of plastic placed on top of it (at least for long enough for it to cool down). This would somewhat replicate the advantage powder printers get by surrounding the print with support material. Maybe.

So… Think it would work?

I think that may cause a problem when print is done.. I don't have the time to clean that up.. :D Good thinking though..

Good point about cleanup. Hydrophobic coating on the build platform and a few seconds under running water for the print?

I've seen press releases for experimental machines that do FDM inside a gel of some kind; similar concept.