Well, the deed is done!

Purchased my zortrax M200 from 3dproshare today, it will be shipped out mid next week and hopefully arrive shortly thereafter! I will keep you all updated as things progress...

woohoo!  Congratulations. I'm sure you will be very impressed once it arrives. The thing is built very well.

very impressed… Like ne!! 😉😉

Bought my "Test" M200 from 3DProShare as well (it arrived 4 days ago and has been printing round-the-clock since). Thomas has been an absolute pleasure to deal with…… real customer service is so rare these days. 

I'm putting the M200 through it's paces as I want to sell my five MakerBot Replicator 2s and move up. I really need the temp resistance of Z-ABS over PLA (at a similar price point). M200 has been impressing at every turn so far. Did stumble a bit after an 18 hour stress test but was able to research here and figure out it was the X Axis grub gear screw (gear actually fell off when I removed the motor) was also surprised to learn the hex key provided was metric (1.5) and the screw required a Standard 1/16". Regardless, I was able to fix it and be up and running again in 10 minutes. So important in a production environment!!

Z-Suite does the majority of what we need (I formally used Simplify3D with the Replicator 2s) and I have high hopes for it's continued development and maturation.

How's the M200 working for you abeship?

I'm so impressed that I've given Thomas at 3DProShare a verbal on a second M200 when he receives his shipment next week.

-David Barwin

18 hour stress test print job  Attachment 328 not found.

Final product of 18 hour print job on left and the other products are where you can see the gear was starting to slip  Attachment 329 not found.


Glad to hear you had a good experience with thomas! I have as well, my only complaint is that we received V2 printers, rather than V3 that are made/shipped today (looks like yours is V2 as well from the screw diameter).

I really don't think there is a difference between the two, I just don't like how it is acme vs. ball, and there is a floating end of the screw (less secure)

Thomas was a pleasure, and I hope to purchase another M200 from him when I get the cash, and will order all filament through him as well.

Looks great!! Glad to see someone else in Colorado on here!!