What is the problem ?

I have printed this object many times. (Also with older versions of Z-Suite and firmware) without any problems.

But now it’s badly printed :

They are printed in pairs.

But here, only one object has the default.

Printed in Z-ABS cool grey.


Light infill

What problem can cause this kind of defect?

I specify :

M200 V4 of 2015

Firmware 1.05

Zsuite 1,61

The hotend + nozzle are new

The thermocouple cable is new

Would this be the extruder + PCB cable?

Would this be the right model (see photos)?

I've seen this with a bad cable or connection. I'd try reseating the cable (both ends) and perhaps even moving the parts around into different locations within Z-suite to see if the problem moves with the part (highly unlikely).

Thank you for the answer.


In fact, the thermocouple cable broke (frayed) and there was smoke near the connector !

I replaced the cable but now the printing is bad on some objects (see photos).

Maybe the cable of the extruder or the PCB is damaged ?