What to use for dissolving Z-materials ?

Dear Support team members,

I usually use acetone to clean my nozzle when I use it with Z-ABS.

What to use with:

  • Z-Ultrat ? (may be Acetone too ?)
  • Z-HIPS ? (may be D-Limonene ?)
  • Z-Glass ? (???)

Second question, shall I also use juice Z-ABS (http://forum.zortrax.com/index.php?/topic/483-tips-tricks-warping-issue-solution/) to avoid warping with Z-Ultrat, Z-HIPS and Z-Glass ?



If you are having lifting issues I use abs juice with ultra T too… I also enclosed the printer…

Some things I recommend that helped :

Don’t use too thick of a mixture ABS juice… Milk consistency is good… No more…

Don’t apply abs juice with every print. My printer used to lift a lot but now that it has some prints to its belt it rarely needs abs juice… But when it was new it needed it!!

Apply an even coat and apply it with the bed cold… If you do it hot it will boil and create an uneven surface for your print… Don’t apply too much!

If what you are printing is too large, after the initial abs coat, wait until the raft is printed and apply abs juice to the corners of the object to the raft…

Also it helps to do light fills in the print settings for large objects.

And I don’t know how much does it helps to enclose it, but they recommend it. I guess the room temperature is more important (not cold) and also if the piece is too large, set the fan to off…

I used to worry a lot of lifting parts I feel more and more confident to even use standard ABS with large parts…