When printing have abnormal noise

Dear all,

Please help me,

When in printing, Y axis will be issued "dadada" noise.

Tank you very much!

Video address:


Submit a request here please: http://support.zortrax.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Use private settings for youtube files because from my experience even after problem is solved movies like a this stay there forever.

Best Regards


Dear Martin Olchanowski,

I sent my question to http://support.zortr...us/requests/new,However, they did not reply to me.

The effect is not very good now,Wasn't smooth.


I sent answer to your ticket second time, seems that you didn’t got answer due of server problem at our side.

Best Regards


Dear Martin ,

Now more and more serious,
I think it is the Y-axis of the bearing damage.
I just bought a few days. I just use a week,  have this problem.
Best Regards

Thank you Martin 

I have already repaired,

It is precisely because a Y shaft bearing,

Because, two small screws no vertical screwed on the axis.

My English is not good,

Please forgive.
Thank Zortrax.