Where to purchase Platform cable replacement

Anyone have any recommendations on where to purchase a Platform cable replacement in the US?  I don't mind purchasing from Zortax but I don't see it listed in there store.   I have only owned my printer for about 6 weeks but have printed quite a bit.  I have been, what I think is gentle, but one of the connections broke.  Fortunately I have a soldering iron and repaired it but would like a spare in case my repair doesn't "hold".  Thanks for help!


Try contacting your reseller, it is nearly impossible for a customer to get their hands on a lot of the parts that can break (mainly cables). Resellers can get them fairly easily but it can take some time. 



Have you find this cable replacement finally ?

Get ahold of 3dProShare at 3dproshare@gmail.com in the US for any and all parts you require. Love 'em!

I'm in France ;-)

In France there is machines-3d also selling the M200, maybe they can sell you one.

@DavidBarwin  Thanks, just e-mailed them.

Thanks Z-Renegade

I phoned them, they try to have one from zortrax, will see...

You have 12 resellers in France.


I received it yesterday, supported by the warranty I paid nothing. http://www.machines-3d.com/ is a good french Zortrax reseller !