Why is Zortrax ignoring my messages??? Part Two

Well, this is what I got from support:

ODP: New ticket from: Returns / Complains / Service CRM:0014071
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In order to get switches and extruder, you should contact local resellers, there is few in UK.
 â€‰Åozowski |  Customer Support Specialist 

Hi Marcin,


I've very disappointed by your e-mail. I did not expect to be pushed off to UK resellers, which there

are only two listed on your website.

I did contact the two UK resellers just now, and they do not carry these parts.

Because of this I will not be able to recommend to my boss to purchse a Zortrax for our engineering

department. I can't believe that you people do not support your customers when they need help.

I'm not asking for you to fix my machine, and I was not asking for you to supply the parts for free.

All I wanted was to ensure I got the correct parts. But, given your response I will now have to tear down

my printer and identify the manufacturers of the switches. I will then search to see if I can find replacement parts myself.

I've posted my frustration with the lack of response initially. I requested a quote for these parts

over a month and a half ago and got no replies until recently. I began to believe that you people

did not care about your customers. I now know you don't.

I will be posting various websites my experience with Zortrax over this issue. I will inform people not to expect any support from Zortrax if they encouter a problem with their machine. Even though I think the quality of the M200 is great, you cannot rely on Zortrax customer service. It's CRAP!

I am now a very unhappy ex-customer of Zortrax and I will recommend to people, including my boss,

not to purchase anything from Zortrax, but to purchase from other 3D printer manufacturers.

Once I get my printer working again I will not be using any of your materials in the future, or purchase

any additional components, replacement parts, as found on your website.

Basically I don't see myself having to do anything with Zortrax from now on!


Miguel Nieto



Bye all.


Well, this is what I got from support:


The reaction to your issue was correct. We are the producer and we don't sell the parts mentioned above directly to the customers.

I'm sure that you're going to receive a proper response for your message from our support and that you're going to be handled properly.



Deleted on the request.


I will contact the nearest UK Reseller today and be sure that you receive the parts. Please check your private messages box in the forum, I will keep you posted. Please also check the responses of our customer service team to you requests. You've received the proper reaction for your last message.

As I've mentioned before, our politics regarding sending the parts directly to the individual client are clear: we always forward them to the nearest official Zortrax resellers.