Why nozzle cap is needed for Zortrax M200 Plus


Why priinter nozzle cap needed for zortrax printer? These type of cap is not effective after certain production. Also leaking this cap, sometimes a lots of filaments wasted. But if I don’t use this cap, the machine is running properly, no filament wasted and everything is going absolutely. Then why this cap is used??


I found when I don’t use it the nozzle gets metal plastic stuck all over it and goes black. previous nozzles that the teflon cap was on was clean. I’ve never had the cap leak, unless I didn’t have the nozzle done up tight.


After some days use of the nozzle cap, the cap got lose though how fasten lock the cap with nozzle. Then there create a gap, and from that gap the filament leaked. I can show picture, if someone want to know it more specific. Otherwise, I will say there is no use of nozzle cap where we can get proper design without using it.

Thanks for your reply!!



ummm I’ve had my nozzle cap on for ages. I kind of know what you mean, so far I’ve been through maybe 3 nozzles. I’ve done 3469hours on the machine. I have a nozzle cap on pretty much majority of the time except for the last one when I tried cleaning my nozzle, didn’t have it tight enough and it leaked out the threads and made a mess. Otherwise they’ve stayed on pretty well. I print at exclusively ABS (ultrat and 3rd party) or PETG (3rd party). my temps range from 230 to I think 275 for ultrat.

*could be loose like mine from filament pushing through the threads (heat from nozzle helped it deform)
*could of been knocked repeatedly during a failed print (heat from nozzle has helped it deform)
*taking it on and off could of deformed it (prying it off)

Could just be unlucky. I know they sell spares but if your’s is like mine currently you’d want to clean the nozzle well before replacing with a new cap as it probably won’t sit well.


Thank you very much. This could be helpful for me.

I was expecting their expert’s opinion.