Wood Setting

Here I open a topic for wood filament tuning.
What speed, retractation, temperature plate and extruder etc .... thank you all passionate

Wood can be difficult due to the fixed-bearing feeder. If your model calls for rapid retractions, the gear may strip the soft filament and then it will just slip in the feeder. Some models that don't use retraction may print OK. Usual PLA settings: 200 - 210º, bed heat around 50º. Clogs are also an issue with wood-filled filament, you may need a 0.5 or 0.6mm nozzle. PolyWood does not actually contain wood, but it has a nice organic look and does not suffer from stripping or clogs. It's expensive, though.

Thanks Julia

I will already test your parameters and will do some research.
I can easily print wood on makerboot, I will try to find the settings and display them here.
If in the meantime others are doing their test thanks to you