X/Y Calibration

A thought occurred to me the other day, and I completely forgot to post up about it.

Is it possible to have separate correction values (as we are given OD and holes currently in Z-suite) for the X-Y axis? Some circles I have printed in the past (lets say nomial is .74) vary from .744 at some points along the circle, .74 along others, even down to as small as .735ish. Is there a possible solution to this (via software or otherwise)?

Just a thought.

You wil have this variation even on SSys profesional systems, I have tried differente times with calibration probes.

however there the value of offsets for calibration is indeed for each axis, X,Y Z.

Would be nice since I heve noticed most M200 are more accurate on one side.


1:30 - 2:50

Same for X axis motor.

This is universal solution in case if holes start to become more as egg shape, then one of the short belts loosen tension.

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Probably X-Y are not right at 90 deg.