Xiaomi MI3 charging dock - Audio booster and NFC tag

This is my last project, a charging dock station for the Xiaomi MI3 smartphone. The market lacked of such a product so I decided to make one myself. It's built up of two parts, the main dock and the charging slave that hosts the usb cable. Among other features there is a shining MI logo with a different colour, an audio boosting chamber that amplifies the sound coming from the bottom speaker of around 15-18db and an inlay in the back to accomodate a 26mm adhesive NFC tag, very useful to automate things when the smartphone has been docked (ie: automatically connect to a wifi network, turn on/off settings, launch applications and so on).

Total weight is 80 grams, all parts have been printed in ABS. Since the geometry of the audio chamber and the charging slave is complex and with many internal overhangs, custom supports were planned right in MOI 3D software and they are quite easy to be removed and cleaned once printed. This way all the parts can be printed with supports disabled in Z-Suite.

Nice and clean print. :)