Y-Axis Problem! Please need help

Hello to all.

I am using a Zortrax m200 v4 for 4 month. Everything was ok until toady during a 4 hour print it has a problem with the y-axis. At 70% printed y-axis directly started to move very slow and then stop't moving.

Now it does it with every print i start after 5 minutes of print it make the same problem. When it checks the calibrations it moves ok. I noticed even that the screws of the z axis are lose i don't now if it is normal.

Below please find a link to a youtube video.

Link:/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vtDxR_n1kY&feature=youtu.be

Please if anybody had any similar problem please help me.


Looks like a private YouTube link to me....

Hi, i changet it to pulblic thanks to notice. If you now annything about this problem please reply. All the best.

Did you check the set screws on the y axis stepper pulley?

Have you checked or tried a different SD card?

Or even check the cable?

I have checked everything it everything is ok, please look below a better video of the problem.


If it were me, I would try a new 2GB SD card. But that's me. I try to be practical and deduce the problem.

If that didn't work I would think there was some kinda malfunction or short somewhere in the cpu processor. 

Ok i will try a new card. The strange thing is that every time that i try to print for 10 minutes less or more it work fine and that stops.

Did you send an email to support yet?

Maybe the stepper itself or the stepper driver overheats…? That’s why it stops always after 10min? Is the resistance in the y axis the same as in the x axis when you move the head by hand?

Is the main board fan running? What if you stop the print when it does it and then start a new print immediately… Is the y axis then moving again? Or does the printer have to sit for a while before the stepper comes back to life?

What happens when you wiggle the wires to the stepper? Did you try an older firmware?

Yes i have send an email to the support. They respond and they said that this problem looked strange but didn't give solutions but only to send printer to service.

I don't think i a overheat because i don't smell nothing burning ore something similar the fan is working. This problem came to be worst and worst, the first time it did the problem was working for 3 hours now it does not work even for 5 mins. Last night the y axis did not react at all. Today it started to do the auto calibration and stop in the middle of process. Even when i stop a print with problem it was starting another directly after but again with problem, the 10 minutes i mentioned is not every time 10 minutes, sometime is less sometime is more. I tried even to wiggle the cables and nothing happens. I did twice the maintenance for displacement checked every screw and pulley everything seams ok. It is very strange! Tonight during the auto calibration before stopping the motor had several connections and disconnection.

I suspect that the main board has an issue. I think you have to ship it back for repair.

I suspect it to. Zortrax dozens offer service to my country, i need to do it through the Zortrax reseller i bought it. But he did not told me yet what to do.

I am very sad that this happened because i am loosing to much time and money. I believed that was very reliable, but shit can happen what to do.

The biggest problem is that in my country is no service no shops for 3d.

Thanks Andre for replies

Maybe they can send you a main board in exchange for your current one?

Blero form where are you from ?

I am form Albania.