Z-ABS Filament Clip


You can download a model here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:386570

"S" is for Sam.. ;)

The snap is satisfying.


I tried using Grey Zultrat for this and every clip I printed broke.

I think my grey ultrat is flawed. It seems kinda brittle. I mean you can take the filet and a slight bend will break it. Printing a test print now but I hope not as I just sent an order out I printed in this and that means I will have to reprint with a different color ultrat. 

Thanks Kyle- I was wondering because for a few prints with the grey ZUltrat I was getting little shredding at the stepper and the wheel there is just fine but I hammered test print and took a bit to bend so all good. Just the little thin prints are brittle. lol

ABS is more flexible than Ultrat..

That filament clip is designed to be printed with Z-ABS. I had designed and printed several clips before I found a design which is suitable with Z-ABS characteristics.