Z-Glass surface and printing properties

Hello all, I was thinking of making some gears in Z-Glass and will get the V2 hot end. Is Z-Glass as reliable and easy to print as the other materials? Any issues?

Can I start a 72 hours print without a nervous breakdown? How is the surface quality, shrinkage and inter layer adhesion in Z-Glass?


John Tangerås


I've just started using it and have had no problems so far.  However, the print has these funny little spider web like strands all over it when it's done.  They easily come off but I thought it was strange.  Also, pulling the print off of the raft is considerably harder than with ABS.  You'll likely have to use your tools to pull it off the raft.  I've yet to try and post processing/surfacing.

Best of luck!

Thanks! I will try it out!

Best regards

John Tangerås