Z-HIPS + ABS juice/slurry

Sorry if this has been answered somewhere allready, I couldnt find it.

I'm about to print with Z-HIPS for the first time, but my perforated plate is still covered in ABS-juice/slurry from when I used to print with Z-ABS.

Will Z-HIPS stick to the ABS-juice, or should I remove it before using HIPS?

I want to print large, flat parts, so I'm trying to minimize any warping, wich is why I'm switching to HIPS in the first place. Any other tips to reduce warping with HIPS would be welcome too, besides side panels because I allready have those :)

thanks and a nice day to all of you! :)

Yes it will stick.

I even use ABS slurry to glue Zhips together.