Z screws unscrewed. Strange noise.


After printing for many hours, I noticed a strange noise when Z axis was used.

I looked everywhere and finally found that the small 4 screws that are fixing bed with ball-screw were completely unscrewed (see attached picture).

The shop I bought the Zortrax told me that it is normal. (to limit vibrations).

What is your opinion ?

Second question, I read on the forum that different versions of Zortrax exist. How to know which version I own ?

My support plate is a bit bent, I also read that a V2 exists. What are the differences ?

Thanks in advance.


The advice I can give you is to check all the screws and tighten, it is not normal that there are tight.
I maintain my printer with frequency, and after it has been cleaned, lubricated, tighten the screws and tightened the straps of distribution, it improves the quality of the prints, and the noises disappear.
Consult the pages of maintenance, they are useful and well done

Hello Cicio3D.

Thanks for your answer.

You said : "it is not normal that there are tight" I think you mean "it is not normal that there are loose" ?

Concerning "strap of distribution", do you mean "belt" ? (Sorry, I'm french and I do not know technical words).

The belts seems hard to adjust and I didn't found any explanation on the support section except for small motor belts.

Concerning version of my Zortrax (V1, V2, V3 or V4), do you know where I can find it ?

Thanks again.


Hardware version should be found in Information -> Hardware version on your M200 menu



I think these screws are supposed to be loose.


Those 4 bolts are suppose to be snug...no more no less. Don't over tighten. As soon as they stop spinning freely, then they are snug.


is there are translation problems;)
timing belt mean the rubber belts that transmit the motion from the motors to the extruder.
the version of your Zortrax find it in the menu of the printer: turn on the printer \ info \ hardware

Thanks to you all !