Z Suit big delay adding stl to project

ZSuit has started to take up to a minute to import even the smallest stl file. I add a file either via the + button or drag and drop and the guy does nothing at all for up to a minute then imports the stl.

Macboo Pro 2016, Mac osx 10.14.4



Hi, Paul.
Do you use the newest Z-SUITE 2.10.1?
I couldn’t recreate the issue with the newest version.

Yes the newest version.

Is there a case to dump the prefs?

Is there a case to dump the prefs?

Could you clarify what do you mean?

You can send us some of the files, maybe we’ll be able to recreate the issue with your models.

I mean should I delete the preferences from my mac for z suit.

Its any file doesn’t matter wether its mine or downloaded.

Hi, Paul.
Please, try cleaning ~/.config/Zortrax catalog (keep in mind that if you have any customized printing profiles that you want to keep, you can save them for later in some other catalog). If that doesn’t help, try reinstalling the Z-SUITE.
Can you tell me your computer specifications? Which Z-SUITE version were you using before?