Z-Suite 1.6.x Mac works with Mono 4.4.1

Hi Guys,

I saw all the topics with the Mac version and Mono framework. I've tried the new Z-Suite 1.6.0 and now running with Mono framework 4.4.1 universal package and it works fine (in 32bit mode). Version 1.6.0 had a huge delay in starting the app. Version starts really fast.



4.4.1 or ?


Quite good question. I do not have the installer package any more and do now some tests with 4.4.2. It did not work after installing it over the old version.

I have cleared now the old installation and do a new test with - I will let you know my results. If it does not work - I will go back to 4.4.1 or (I will test which of them).

UPDATE: does not work

The latest working version is

Thanks! 4.4.1 install under Zsuite 1.6.1 works great (even fast slicing). Mush better than the last one that took a minute to launch and slow as hell. 


Works not so well with Z-Suite 1.7.0

I’ve updated now to MonoFramework-MDK-

But it is the same - loading Z-Suite >1Minute to run.